March 25, 2011

A thrifting I will go...

I recently posted about how I am new to "thrifting", but after the success of my first trip to Value Village I decided that this was a hobby I could get on board with.  Since then I have made a few more visits and uncovered some more treasures that I wanted to share with you.

Here is a frame that I bought for $4.99
and turned it into this (using some primer and trim paint that I already had at home).
I have big plans for this frame as part of the front hall decor.  Don't you love how the frame mirrors the molding that I installed in the front hall already?

I bought this vase because I loved the shape.
I planned to paint it with my oil rubbed bronze spray paint because I was inspired by what Sarah at TDC did here, but then she posted about how the paint didn't work out here.  So I changed my mind and decided to leave it unpainted for now.  I think the colour is pretty and I'm sure I'll find somewhere to use it.  Come to think of it... it does kind of go with that green tile... hmmm...

I also found this cute basket for $2.  Who doesn't need cute storage?  Right now its going in the office to store "junk" but since its a great size and colour I can pretty much use it anywhere.
Not too bad so far... I have learned that you need to go often to find the "good stuff".  Sometimes I go and come out with nothing, but the browsing is still pretty fun.  I guess I'm just a "gatherer" type.  Most of the things that I bought were put out on the same day (they have the date on the price label).  So you can believe that the awesome stuff is gone on the day it arrives or soon after AND that I'll be carrying it out of there with a big grin on my face.  Happy thrifting!

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Jenny said...

Nice finds! The frame looks great :) I need to take the time to look around the Thrift shops in my area!