March 16, 2011

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Our front hall is looonnnng.  14 feet long to be exact and it needs some personality to avoid becoming a long boring corridor.  We already added a bold paint colour and some molding to the walls to give it some drama, but I think we need more... and some sparkle and some more light. 

I feel like you NEED a mirror in the front hall to "check" yourself before you leave the house.  The other day I almost left the house with a big blob of spackle on my forehead.  Don't ask me how it got there, I have no idea.  Thank goodness I had to pee before I left and glanced in the powder room mirror.  Although I was just going to Home Depot, I'm sure they've seen worse. 

In our old house we had mirrored closet doors on the front closet like these
Kingstar sliding mirror doors
They added a lot of light to the room.  Also Teddy (my schnauzer) would play with "the dog in the mirror" which was too cute for words.  I'd like to install them again in the new house if budget permits... right now we're stuck with these monstrosities.  Please excuse the mess and ignore the green paint, this picture was taken before our painting marathon.
I already decided that I wanted a HUGE mirror for the long wall (on the left in the photo above).  Well the mirror I had in mind is big and round and a bit traditional without being too ornate.  After a long time of searching, and having nothing but Goldilocks dissapointment (too big, too small, to shiney, too square), I saw this baby...

Hudson Mirror from Bombay & Co

Hello Drama!
 This mirror really spoke to me and it said, "I am perfect.  Oh and I'm on sale for 50% off... BUY ME".  So I did.  At $200 (after 50% discount) this mirror was still a big splurge, but because it is so large and really perfect for the space, I think its worth the investment.  Plus we'll be taking it with us if we ever sell the house.  I think I'm still on a 50% off high... gotta love a good sale.

Do you have a mirror in your front hall?  Score a great deal lately?

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Jenny said...

I also feel the need for a mirror- but I don't have one right now. That one will look gorgeous against that wall- can't wait to see! Our project is to paint the kitchen before our little one's first birthday which is in 2 weeks. I am having such a hard time picking a paint color! We are stuck with yucky oak cabinets so all the colors I like kind of clash with them :(