March 28, 2011

Thanks for the List, Craig

So it seems that "used" is coming back "in" again.  Maybe it's the struggling economies and tighter budgets, maybe it's the environmental movement, but either way it's a good thing.  Since we have been looking for affordable, but good quality furniture for our new house I have been turning to sites like Craig's List and Kijiji for help.

One thing I have noticed is that some people can really use some help on how to post an ad for sale.  Some ads sit on there forever while some are gone the same day.  Sometimes admittedly it is the quality of the item, obviously the best stuff goes quickly, but then there are some good stuff that lingers.  Here are some tips I have for sellers to help get those unwanted items gone as quickly as possible.

1. Don't lump items together.  If I'm looking for a dresser I probably don't also want to see your couch and ironing board.  I especially don't want a "group price" for all 3 items.  This is just lazy unless the item is a set (like a bedroom set) or you're having a one day sale and want to list all the items available.
2. Use a good title.  I would say "6 drawer dresser" instead of "dresser" or better yet "solid walnut 6 drawer dresser"
3. Include the measurements.  This is a big pet peeve of mine.  If you don't tell me how large the item is, how will I know if it will fit in my car/house.  Try to include length, width and height.  If the dresser has a mirror include those measurements separately.
4. Include a photo.  I know this can be hard if you don't have a camera of your own, but borrow one from a friend or use a camera phone.  One bad picture is better than none at all.  Trust me.  If your ad doesn't have a photo you are asking people to drive all the way to your house to see the item and then decide if they want to buy it.  Some people (like me) will skip all posts without photos.
If a photo is really not possible, include as much detail in the description as possible.  Something like "Solid walnut 6 drawer dresser  48"L x 22" W x 26" H.  Dresser is Victorian style and has curvy legs about 6" tall and carved drawer fronts.  Drawer pulls are black.  Dresser has some small scratches on top and sides, but is in good condition"
5. Respond promptly to questions and requests.  It's a good idea to update the posting to include the answers to questions that are asked.

Hopefully if you use my 5 hints above you will be happily decluttering your house of unwanted items, saving the planet, and helping people in need of what you are offering.  It will have you saying, "Hey Craig, thanks for the list."

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