March 4, 2011

Family Room Preview

It has been rough going living in the new house without any finished areas to just relax in.  I feel like when we first move to a new house it feels like you're living in someone else's house until you get enough of "you" in it to make it feel like yours.  This room will be a huge step towards making it our own and I know it will be a huge relief when this room is done. 

I am so excited to show you the progress so far!  We are getting really close.   For now, I wanted to show a quick preview of the room "almost" done.  Yes, Teddy snuck into the picture... isn't he a cutie?
Amazing I know!  I'm so happy with how to bookcases came out.  Don't they look fab?  Just in case you forgot... here is the "before"

I am so happy, I could pee.  Please ignore the glowing yellow pine table... this is a hand-me-down that I think will work in the space because it's nice and long, but I have to paint it... I'm thinking RED (shocker!) but I'll have to work up some courage before I tackle that paint job.  More photos this weekend... I can't wait!


H. Roberts said...

The bookshelves are so nice looking. Do you remember which style they were? I'm thinking about doing something similar in our den. Thank you!!

Joy @ DesignItHome said...

The bookshelves are Billy from Ikea. The gray ones are older, I'm not sure if they carry that colour any more. The black-brown ones for the DVDs are newer and they are a bit slimmer than the bookcases. Hope that helps!