March 10, 2011

Front Hall - The Plan

Ok so you know about my plans for the molding in the front hall, which I will go into more detail about soon, but now I want to talk colours.  I think that the front hall should set the tone of the house, it should be "you" so that when people some into your home the impression that they first get is both personal and welcoming.  Also, since the front hall is a room that you really just pass through, I think you can go a bit bolder with colour or pattern since it won't seem as overwhelming in a hallway as it would in a room that you would sit in.

My favourite colour is turquoise.  That's something that you should probably know about me up front, which makes it perfect for the front hall.  I have to actually try (hard) to pick up other paint chips at Home Depot... if I'm not careful the whole house will end up painted in various shades of lovely blue-green.  Not that it would be a bad thing, but it might be too much of a good thing... know what I mean?

In choosing a colour for the front hall I had to consider the existing elements that will not be changing.  The front hall has lots of doors: the front door, a double door closet and a door to the powder room.  Right now, the closet doors are brown faux-wood laminate (yuck!) and the other two doors are painted a soft minty sage green, which was chosen I'm sure to match the forest green ceramic tile.  I suppose green was the former owner's "turquoise"... irony. 

I'm planning to paint all the doors white to match the trim (baseboard and molding).  Side note - there are a million colours of white out there... how does any one choose a trim colour to use throughout their house?  Maybe that's a topic for another post.  Sorry.  Back to the doors... the front door is a solid door that I would love to replace with a half glass door eventually since the hall is quite dark, but that is not in the budget right now, so we're whitening it up to lighten the room.

We're going to do molding, as I mentioned, on the bottom half of the wall and paint it all white to add even more lightness.  Then I started to get concerned that it might be too much white... and that probably we needed to go a bit bolder with the paint colour for the top of the wall.  This is what I am thinking...
Either the darkest or the next lightest one.  I have to be careful that the room doesn't come off too green since we're not changing the tiles.  I don't want to repeat the mistakes of the previous owner and overwhelm the space with too much of a good thing.  What's your favourite colour?  Is it reflected in your house?  Wardrobe?

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