March 9, 2011

Molding Inspiration

Our house is only about 30 years old, which may seem old to some, but its pretty new for a house.  This means that there is not a lot in the way of lovely archetectural details and old world charm, which I love.  I mean LOVE.  So, I figured that there must be a way to inject some myself.  Enter molding.  I love the look of molding, it adds some formality and character to boring spaces, and I think it will be beautiful in the front hall.  After doing a lot of online searching I found lots of inspiration... like these...

But not a lot of "how-to" for the do-it-yourselfer.  I mean... I could do that... right?

Many thanks to Sarah from ThriftyDecorChick for her amazing tutorials (with video) that made me feel like I really could do this myself.  Seriously, she rocks.

Now to make the plan...

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