April 11, 2011

Powder Room - Inspiration

Since I always start every room with an inspiration item, I'd like to show you what the inspiration for the powder room will be.

Renoir's "Dance in the City"
We have an art print on canvas of this Renoir painting that was an engagement gift from my mom.  I love it and I like to plan for "art" that I love to be in rooms where I will get to see it a lot.  Since the powder room is just off the front hall it will likely be a high traffic bathroom... enough said. 

The print has a nice elegant feel to it, which fits in with the completed front hall, and there are lots of pretty greens in the background, which works great with my plan for the powder room because we have the green tile from the front hall in here as well.

As you know, this room will require a gargantuan effort in painting and will further serve to buff up my arms... so we will be doing multiple coats of primer and paint (boring!) before I have any pretty pictures to show you.  But at least I will be one step closer to killer tank top arms.  Stay tuned.

1 comment:

Cherie said...

that is a beautiful picture.
What color are you going to paint the walls?