April 8, 2011

My dirty little secret

I hope you've been enjoying the progress so far on the house.  We're really happy with how the family room and the front hall have turned out, but there is one room that I've been hiding from you.  You've seen the door for this room, but I haven't showed you inside yet.  Have you guessed which room it is yet?  Well, it's the powder room, which is just off the front hall.  You can see the door to it here.  It's the first door on your left... come on in...

Whew!  Are you scared?  I know I was.  Yes, the whole room is sponge painted, even the ceiling.  Didn't notice that?  Scroll back up and check it out.  Yes, that is a matching pink toilet and vanity top.  Yes, the light is a gold bar with bare bulbs.  Now you can see why I've been hiding it.

This bathroom is original to the house (i.e. 1981) and has not been touched at all, I'm sure there are lots of people our there with "original" bathrooms in similar condition, but it you can find a scarier paint job, I would be shocked out of my socks.

This bathroom would give almost anyone "the fear", but next post I will share with you my inspiration and plan for conquering "the fear" and becoming queen of my own castle powder room.


Jenny said...

Oh wow! whoever owned that house before was just crazy. At least you will always have amazing before and after pics- can't wait to see what you do with it!

Laurie@The Baking Bookworm said...

We had a bathroom like that in our old house that the previous owners had done (we ALWAYS stated that we weren't responsible for that room when showing friends and family our home!). The walls were a medium brown ... with GOLD sponging all over it. Hideous! Unfortunately, with 3 young kids, we didn't get around to decorating that room until about a year before we moved.

Just think of the amazing before and after you'll have after you decorate your powder room lol!!!