April 12, 2011

It's a Party!

So this week will be super busy with party preparations for hubby's birthday bash this weekend.  To prepare the house for "company" (i.e. our wonderful friends) we will be doing a bit of leg-work in the cleaning/tidying department and trying to make sure that the house doesn't look too "under construction" for when they arrive.

"I can't believe that you are having people over when you are in the middle of renovating!" you say... well, we decided at the start of this whole project that we were not going to give up living our lives until the reno is complete, which is good because it will likely be years before we are completely done.

It should also be said that our friends, of course, know that we're renovating since we talk to them about crazy stuff like choosing paint colours, removing doors, moving furniture and the best way to use a caulk gun.  I know, we're fun times!  Seriously though, everyone does some sort of renovation at some point and its great to get tips from people who have lived through it before you, or give tips to those that will follow after.

The main focus will be to put all the tools, paint cans, trim, etc away and to arrange the furniture that we have so that it looks like a "real room".  Unfortunately we won't have time to finish the powder room before the party, but it will be painted and trimmed (it's not a Halloween party after all).

And CLEAN.  I'm a super freak about cleaning before company comes over.  I know I can't be the only one!  So let me know... would you invite people over if you were painting/renovating?  Do you HAVE to clean your house before people come over?  Do you share reno tips with your friends?


Jenny said...

If it was ongoing renovation then, yes, I would have people over because you can't just put your life on hold! But if it was something smallish then I would probably wait. I always clean like crazy when I know we are having company- it is great motivation though because I get lots done!!

Cherie said...

I have people over all the time. Especially the older girls freinds and People that my hubbie works with.
They are always seeing that I am doing something to the house. and I CLEAN before anyone comes over. Both of us are freaks like that.