February 23, 2011

Wallpaper... why?

So as most of you decor girls (and guys) out there probably know wallpaper seems to be making a comeback.  Now its all the rage in magazines and design shows on tv.  I would like to ask those of you who are putting up wallpaper... why?  I have been pulling down wallpaper in my family room.  Yes!  The whole upper part of the wall is wallpaper (keep in mind, this is a "before" picture).

It takes forever and its a sticky mess.  I can't imagine that I would be able to choose a style of wallpaper that I will love for 10 years... or even 5... or 2... Maybe other people aren't as fickle as I am, but I like to change the throw pillows on my couch every 2 years, which means that the wallpaper wouldn't match anymore.  Also it costs at least 3 times are much as paint (or more... I haven't priced out a whole room), which is a deal breaker for me as I like it beautiful... and cheap!  So no wallpaper for me.  Do you love wallpaper?  Do you hate ripping it down?  Do you have a genius hassel-free way of removing it?  I would love to know.

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