February 22, 2011

Blogland here I come!

After admiring MANY other decorating blogs from afar (well, from my computer screen)... I have decided to start my own.  I have a story to tell that starts like many others... Once upon a time... just kidding...

My husband started a new job which meant that we had to relocate and leave our beautiful first home (did I mention that we had just finished completely renovating the bathroom?).  I was sad, but excited for new challenges and a fresh start.

Our new house was built in the early eighties and is about the same age as me.  I suppose we can bond over that, but otherwise my new house and I don't have much in common.  I'm not really into pink and green, dark paint colours, pink carpet, wallpaper or sponge painting... are you?

I am determined to make this house "us" and inject some style and fun into the decor.  I hope you will join me and follow along as I "design" it home.

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