May 2, 2011

Random, Stress, Overwhelm...

So things have been hectic lately... rather than avoid another post (my camera and I are having some disagreements about which one of us is in charge here)... I thought I would share some of the goings-on around here.  Although sans pictures for the most part.

The powder room is painted!  I know... three cheers!  It looks good, but with the old toilet and vanity still hanging around, it's a bit less of a "wow" and more of an "oh".  Disappointing...

I have started the dining room, which will be the next project.  I am hoping to share my inspiration with you soon.  I think I mentioned before that it will be some lovely, silky, embroidered curtains.  We are also planning an ambitious molding project for this room... I am pumped about that, but the planning is intense.

We are feeling the pressure for some outdoor house love because our yard is in serious need of some. 

We tackled the front yard in the Fall to add some curb appeal, but the back is in sad shape.  Hubby is also keen on getting the BBQ hookup installed as he has been living without grilled meat for "far too long".

We're also talking skylights and hiring someone to paint the stairway that has 20 foot ceilings (neither of us is feeling daredevil enough to try it - plus I'm terrified of heights).  We have some electrical work that needs doing and of course I am constantly thinking about ripping out that kitchen and making it more functional.  This happens every night when I'm making dinner and cursing because I have to unstack all the pots/baking pans/casserole dishes to get the one I need.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who does this, right?

So basically my mind is travelling in multiple directions and until I can get it to focus on one thing at a time it will be chaos inside of my head and my house.

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